What should be in your security Christmas stocking

(Photo by Pixabay)

It’s December, time to pack the suitcases and head off on a well-deserved rest. It’s been a tough year for most, but now you can spoil yourself and your loved ones, so here are a few cool gadgets for your security Christmas stocking.

Yale TSA strap lock

(Photo by Yale)

Perfect for the frequent traveller, these TSA (Transportation Security Administration) padlocks from Travel Sentry enable security personnel to examine the contents of your luggage without forcing your lock or damaging your bags because they have a corresponding set of keys. Your luggage can then be locked again and sent quickly on its way. (The TSA is charged with providing effective security in the United States). The lock has a built-in inspection indicator that changes colour to show that the TSA authorities have opened it. The body is made of robust ABS plastic and a strong, 2m-long, polypropylene strap that comes in red or grey, which enables even large luggage to be secured.

Yale keyless smart lock

(Photo by Yale)

This ultra-cool lock combines security, convenience and access flexibility in a single device. With up to 20 user IDs available, you can choose to operate it with a PIN code or via one of the RF (radio frequency) options – an access card, a tag or an RF phone sticker. The lock is also supplied with a night latch and can be installed easily on any inward-opening wooden door. In addition, with an optional Z-Wave communications module installed, the lock can be integrated into most Z-Wave compatible home automation systems, allowing the lock to be controlled remotely.

Personal attack alarm

Ideal for students, joggers or on a night out. Simply pull on the cord attached to the “pull out” tab to pull the tab from the main unit, and the alarm will sound until the tab is replaced. Just the sound could scare off an attacker, and hopefully bring help.

Valli & Valli door furniture

(Photo by Assa-Abloy)

From chic minimalist to decorative and traditional, each piece of the Valli & Valli collections meets the high-quality interior specifications of exacting architects and designers. This is the best of Italian design. There’s no security benefit, but you can treat your home or your business.

A first aid course

Here’s one for the person who has it all. Knowing basic first aid is always a plus. You never know when you might need it, and being able to save a life is a gift. The ER24 Training Academy offers specially tailored courses, even for the younger ones in your family (ages nine to 14).


(Photo by ADT)

Christmas is not Christmas without that present you get for yourself. Enter the ADT FindU smartphone app, which you can download (with a monthly charge starting at R49) when you are an ADT member. The app tracks the location of your smartphone, offering you a range of emergency services that are dispatched to help you, using your GPS coordinates to find you. If you send an alert, real-time video clips will automatically be sent to the ADT Monitoring Services at five to 10 second intervals. ADT will spring into action, employing any means necessary to get to you and help you, and will bring in the aid of other services such as fire and rescue or an ambulance, whether you are at home, up a mountain or out at sea.